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Personalised 3D Photo Pillows | Pet Pillows | Face Pillows

Personalised 3D Photo Pillows | Pet Pillows | Face Pillows

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Photos hold some of our fondest memories—a physical reminder of the bond we share with our loved ones. And sometimes it's nice to be able to hug your loved ones tight when you need it the most! 

Turn any pictures or design into your very own huggable pillow! Add a little touch of comfort. 

These ultra-soft pillow dolls are custom made from the photo of your choosing and are the perfect gift for ANY occasion—Birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, anniversaries, or even just because.

  • Single-sided printing and custom shapes
  • Material:  Polyester Velvet Fabric filled with PP cotton (similar to the pillow)
  • Machine Washable 

    Important Note: Please ensure photo is at least 300dpi. The clearer the picture, the better the effect will be. Photos of your pet sitting or standing with nothing blocking any part of their body looks best with these pillows.

    Please place your order first before sending us your pictures. 

    You can email your pictures to us at, please quote your order number in your email (#XXXX). Do submit pictures in PNG or JPEG format with at least 300 dpi. 

    Please note that the standard delivery for each order will take about 2-3 weeks after artwork confirmation. 

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